6 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

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So you have decided to embark on the amazing journey of affiliate marketing. You decided you want to try your hand at affiliate programs but you want to avoid beginner affiliate marketing mistakes but you’re not too sure how to go about it.

Social Media and Email marketing seem like the easiest way to get yourself off on a good start but if you will be promoting affiliate programs there is a strong possibility that you may be doing at least one thing wrong and it will cost you money.

Imagine if you could run a campaign and make more money with no more effort than what you are already doing without making any errors.

Promoting Affiliate Programs Without Doing Research

One of the biggest mistakes newbie affiliate marketers do is jump on bandwagon. A Facebook friend gets 100 likes on their posts every time they post a fake income claim so it’s assumed the person is telling the truth.

The fact is, is that anyone with integrity will not post income claims but will approach you online or in person with their offer. Income claims only feed into people’s emotions and those who are going through tough financial times will fall for these ploys if they don’t know any better.

Any business decision begun under emotions instead of first seeing HOW it’s done and if it is sustainable and scalable is a bad business decision.

For example, In the offline world, there are people who all do is buy and sell businesses. to make money. Before they buy they ask for bank statements, ledgers, payroll, and anything showing the financial ins and outs of the business.

If the potential buyer does not see BEFORE they buy, proof that they can make money, not that someone else is making money but that if they buy they will make money, they will not buy it, regardless if the business is thriving.

The same thing applies to affiliate marketing programs. Just because Joe Shmoe and Suzy Q are telling you to get in because the timing is right, don’t do it, because as soon as you do, there will be an upsell or you will never hear from them again.

Doing What Everyone Else Is Doing

So you just joined the “new thing”. The guru marketer in the rented yacht says that if you copy and send the “proven” email swipe or Facebook post you will get a ton of sales of the rip.

Do you think you are the only one who is doing that? Don’t you think your email list or your social media friends aren’t seeing the same copy-and-paste content from other people?

When you write your own content, emails, or social media posts you separate yourself from the crowd. After a while, people notice who is marketing unique content and who is copying and pasting.

When you write content in your own words you brand yourself as a leader in the industry and as someone who can be listened to.

Shared with your unique swag and touch so your audience knows it really you writing the content and you didn’t regurgitate someone else’s spammy jargon.

6 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

Not Knowing How To Share Value

Your main goal as a beginner affiliate marketer is to learn how to share value, real value. Value is not a quote on Facebook or a meme. Neither is it relationship advice or poking fun at how or what others are doing in their business.

No one wants to work with a smart ass and definitely won’t buy from one. Don’t be a computer gangster sharing nonsense on social media like videos of people getting injured or hurt and then laughing about it, then a few minutes later asking people to join your business

If “being yourself” is being rude and obnoxious then first change your attitude or learn to not make it public because it will affect your business.

Go out and read a helpful article or watch a video and then share that instead; Share things that will help others and not make them question their self-worth or intelligence. Do unto others and you would want to be done unto you.

Watch a marketing training video instead and then tell our audience what you just learned without pitching them or asking them to click a link or inbox you.

Emailing Your List Only To Get Money

Nobody likes to feel like they are being tried to be sold.. Friends buy from friends or brands. Remember that.

While you communicate with your audience make sure 2/3rds of your content contains helpful information that will help their business.

Share insider tips you learned from a paid online event you went to or received. Give them a “sneak peek” into your business but without pitching them.

People will appreciate you for it especially if you are sharing information they can use in their business.

Pitching On All Of Your Content Instead Of Giving

As an affiliate marketer, your job isn’t to sell your products or programs – that is the sales page’s job. Your job is to get people curious about how your offer will help them. This is called pre-selling.

This then makes 2 things begin to happen in your affiliate marketing business. First, they click the link that leads them to your sales page.

And second, when they do click they are already interested in what you have to say because you first helped them, and not they are open to seeing what you have to offer.

Your audience is already familiar with you sharing valuable content so in their mind, they are thinking wow if he/she is sharing all this great info for free what will I get if I pay for it?

6 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023

Distinguishing Yourself From The Rest Of The Pack

In your mind, you know that you are different than the other marketers and that you really have a lot to share BUT does your audience know that?

The best way to differentiate yourself is to create a “hook” for yourself that people will remember you buy. It can be anything for example your nickname, dotcom, brand, freebie, or anything that may be offline friends and family know you by.

The secret is to be different but valuable. Give more to others than the other guy. And when someone reaches out to you give them more than what they are asking for.

If you are interested in learning how to do affiliate marketing more in-depth to become a super affiliate, I would like to invite you into our community of elite affiliate marketers.

JR Estrada is a bilingual freelance writer and experienced affiliate marketer. He enjoys sharing tips & tricks that will help you reach your business goals sooner than later.

4 thoughts on “6 Beginner Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid In 2023”

  1. Hey a great post you have here!

    This information is not only great for beginners but also those who know a little more about the online world as sometimes we forget and need a little reminder. 

    And as for the fake claim of income, you are correct there as I have seen many claim to be making a certain amount of profit when in fact it’s used to scam people.

    Thanks for this information, definitely going to be taking note of these! Have a great day!

    • Thanks Sariyah for your honest feedback. I truly appreciate it.

      Unfortunately Social Media is the culprit for allowing so much misinformation and bad marketing. I wish there was a “fact checker” for posts like that.

      One rule of thumb I have learned is that those who are doing well aren’t bragging about it. All that does is feed off peoples emotions which is wrong.

  2. This is a really useful article for people who are new to affiliate marketing. These are six mistakes that a newbie should definitely avoid making if they wish to be successful in this field. Giving help to potential customers rather than just “selling” to them is certainly the way to go. Providing content on your website that is of value to your readers will get them involved with you, as you say. Thanks for sharing this article. Jenni.

    • Thanks Jenni for your wonderful comments. I appreciate you for that. I think it depends on how we are first exposed to affiliate marketing that determines how we will go about it in our own businesses.

      If we are first exposed to it via “in your face” sales pages with fancy cars and airplanes we assume that is the method we should use also.

      When in reality those methods just prey on people emotions instead of really trying to help and teach.


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