How To Build A Email List With Affiliate Marketing

How To Build A Email List For Affiliate Marketing

If you have been searching for a legitimate way how to build an email list with affiliate marketing you have come to the right place. Email marketing has come a long way since the beginning of the internet. It still is a powerful way to build your business.

Anyone who tells you that there is no best way to build an email list or that it is dead does not know how and probably only creates YouTube videos. People like it when you follow up with them.

For example. You saw a nice car online while doing a quick search. You then decided to go to the dealer for a test drive but wanted to think about it. 

A few days later after test-driving other cars, you decided to go with your first option but you could not remember what dealer you went to!

Then while checking your email you notice you received a message from the salesperson that day and you jump for joy because you thought you has missed out on that nice car.

The same thing applies here my friend. Email is the subtle in-your-face approach to ensure everyone sees you are at least attempting to contact them.

Then after they reviewed their options elsewhere, they have their email inbox to find you anytime they choose.

In this article, I will explain how to build an email list from scratch for affiliate marketing. Though there are different aspects of doing this we will focus on the business opportunity niche though the tips I will share here can be used to build a list in any other niche.

Let us begin.

How To Build A Email List For Affiliate Marketing

Understanding Grass Roots Affiliate Marketing

You are probably wondering what do I mean by “Grass Roots”? To better help, you understand this allows me to share with you what affiliate marketing is not.

People seem to think that if you promote anything online then you are an “affiliate marketer”. The fact is that nothing could be farther from the truth. 

According to Google and the affiliate networks that allow affiliate marketers to promote their products every marketer must have their own websites and not only that must contain relevant content to what they are seeking to promote. 

For example, if I am in the business opportunity niche I cannot get on the Commission Junction affiliate network and give them my lead capture page I used to collect leads if I want to promote and affiliate link with men’s Armani suits.

Real affiliate marketers create sales pages or blogs and then build them out twenty to fifty pages deep all keyword friendly having to do with one niche. 

I cannot have a blog and have every post talking about topics totally different from each other. Not only will Google not rank my site but neither will any high-paying affiliate network let me in to promote their products.

What biz opp seekers are told is that if you buy into the “A” program you will make “B” money but only IF a “C” customer buys in just like you. They sell you on the making money part but don’t tell you how to do it until you buy in usually at ridiculous pricing.

If this is your reason to build your list allow me to tell you that before you get into profit if you do, you will be spending a boatload on solo ads, Facebook ads or any other ads.

If you are new stay away from this as it is not affiliate marketing but an offshoot of traditional MLM using the leverage of the internet to gain members to only drain their bank accounts in upsells.

Not only is this unethical but not profitable for the newbie. As a true affiliate marketer, you create your website around the affiliate marketing niche, then you post regularly so the search engines find you, then you monetize by placing your affiliate link within your page and collecting emails but adding a lead magnet in the form of a pop-up or in the top right of your site.


Choosing The Right Autoresponder

What is an autoresponder? The best way to build an email list is with an autoresponder. There are some other ways that people use like their email providers but I do not recommend it as is looks spammy and usually will not reach the person because your ISP will deem it as spam.

My favorite is Aweber because it’s easy to use and most of your contacts will get your email. Deliverability is very important when it comes to choosing an AR. This is something you can pick on your own. 

Some autoresponder services are higher priced and some give you free service for up to 500 subscribers. Take a look to see what it is you want out of it and decide accordingly. If you just want to collect leads to later email them Aweber would be where to go.

How To Write Emails That Convert

If you have a website that you log on regularly you can use those same posts in your emails. This gives you the benefit of two powerful marketing methods out of one effort.

Just like a blog post is created to educate and bring people to take action on your content, so does an email. If you think two or three-liners work nowadays then you are mistaken

If you want to catch the attention of serious people looking to buy from you or join your program make sure you give them something they can chew on that is more than just a “click here” spam email.

Remember you want to keep your subscribers engaged and that means them not hitting the unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email.

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Setting Up An Email Follow-up Series

You want to have at least a seven-day email follow-up series that is keeping your subscribers engaged and them knowing that you just are out looking for a quick buck but to actually establish a strong business relationship.

As you build out your blog so will your email follow series grow. This is a little know strategy in the industry and it is fire. When people see you are consistent in what you are doing they are going to want to work with you and learn how you do what you do. 

Not only that your blog followed by your emails brings a level of professionalism that doesn’t make you look like just a squeeze page peddler but someone who actually has a strategy that works!

Make sure to space the days apart when you set up your email automation also. It is ok to send out an email immediately after they join your list and then the next day. 

After that space them one day apart. Every third day makes a call to action encouraging them to join your program or get your offer. Never ask for the money in every email.

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The Final Analysis…

Email marketing along with your website is a very powerful affiliate marketing method. Believe it or not, the quality of people who like to read over those who just watch YouTube videos is a lot higher when it comes to who you want on your team, email list, etc.,

It says a lot of good about a person who will take the time to read what you have to say whether in your emails or your websites. Not only that email and blogging together are by far the most stable and surefire way that you can be confident your content will get to the masses.

YouTube will not promise you that. 

With that said I would like to invite you into our community of affiliates like me who know what they’re doing and love to show people like you who are level-headed and just looking to be at the right place at the right time. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.