How To Get Traffic To Your Website The Easy Way

So you got your first website up but you are not sure how to get traffic to your website. In this article, I will share with you a collection of methods that when done together will then trigger a larger source to then send you internet visitors for free.

Many affiliate marketers think they know how to get traffic to their website but usually, it’s only via one method or two methods that require you to constantly be monitoring.

Assuming you are looking to drive traffic from people looking to make money online via affiliate programs, I am pretty much going to show you here an introduction to what a $10,000 affiliate training program will tell you to do.

No one traffic method is the golden ticket. You may get leads focusing on one method but when you do a little of every method I will be sharing with you here at least two or three times a week, then you will see how your email list will always grow organically with the right people and not just freebie seekers.

Why Blogging Is A Must For Every Marketer

It boggles my mind how very few affiliate marketers and business people, in general, have a blog. Your blog is your hub online like your home is where you eat, sleep and spend time with local friends and family.

If someone in your family wants to see what you have been up to lately they will come to your home, right? The same thing goes for businesses, at least those who know better.

Not only that but blogging separates you from the pack and labels you as a leader and not just another inexperienced entrepreneur only posting memes and quotes all day on social media.

Besides, nowadays we open our mouths to talk about everything and everyone under the sun but we won’t blog about topics that will build our business. Wake up!

If you do not want to write then outsource it but if you do nothing, you will forever be starting over with traffic generation. I will expound more on this later.

A proper blog should have a lead magnet setup to collect emails so you can follow up with them on a regular basis. Accompanied by good SEO one blog can make your life-changing income.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website The Easy Way

How To Get Traffic From Solo Ads

Solo ads is for affiliate marketers that are just starting out, that is all. Why? Because generally, solo ad traffic is mostly freebie seekers or low-budget buyers.

This will help you get your business going and you will get sales but unless you are buying thousands of dollars a week in solo ads, which would be silly because there are better-paid traffic methods, solo ads alone will not put you in profit.

You want solo ads to build your email list so you can then start to establish yourself as an authority figure in your email list. Spamming your email list asking for money is not the ticket I don’t care what any “guru” says.

In fact, be weary of anyone who says that this “one thing” will be your golden ticket. Success online is doing several things on a regular basis until all those things grow organically on their own and are automated.

Email Marketing For Traffic

If you are blogging then every new blog post you create you can send to your email list! If you blog twice a week at least that is eight emails you have to send!

The more you blog the more content you have to share with your email list. A solo ad campaign with a follow-up email series is gold when done properly, especially for affiliate marketing. Email IS NOT dead.

You can email me about anything that is on your mind. In fact, it is better to not send promotional emails and just add your link to our signature.

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