How To Get Comments For Your Blog The Easy Way

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If you have been searching for a way to get comments for your blog you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to share with you practical ways you can get real human comments for your website.

Every blog comment is not created the same. In this article, we will discuss the practical way you can implement starting now to get organic website comments that will boost your blog in the Google search rankings.

In the natural world, everyone has an opinion about everything under the sun. Some people whether you want to hear it or not comment on the silliest things as if they were a cause of national security.

The best way to get the interaction you want on your blog is to be as natural as possible when you go about implementing the ideas I will outline for you today.

Some of them you are going to ask yourself why you didn’t think of this idea yourself before. If you stick to the end I will share with you what I do to get real human website comments on my websites in a natural and organic way.

This is the last article you will read about how to get blog comments.


Leveraging Facebook To Get Blog Comments.

This is a tactic I use when I am on social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram you can use this strategy to get people commenting in no time.

Generally, I go for people who are not in my geographical area. The IP of commenters’ believe it or not has a lot to do with whether or not their comments will help give your page a higher PR.

Stick to people who are in the United States and preferably someone who you think will leave you a thoughtful comment or question that you can followup up with and continue the conversation.

Blog comments should always have at least four to seven lines of content for the search engine spiders to even consider it using it to help your rankings.

How To Get Comments For Your Blog The Easy Way

Send A Broadcast To Your Email Subscribers.

Another method I use that I should do more of is sending an email to my list every time I make a new blog post. Depending of the type of mailing list that you have will depend if you should or not.

You always want to keep your mailing list subscribers engaged with the same content you got them on your list with. If they opted in to get more diet tips don’t send them an email to comment on your recent post about chocolate cake.

Use common sense when sending out your email to them. If in fact, you decide you want to send it out anyways make sure you tell them in the headline what to expect and that you are “curious about their opinion”


Ask Friends And Family To Comment On Your Website.

This is probably a no-brainer but leveraging friends and family is a great way to get more comments on your website. Just make sure it’s not a one-liner.

They may not be high PR blog comments but if the content that they share is relevant enough and not just one line it will help in your search engine rankings.

Google no longer is all about the technicalities but more about genuine interaction and not robotic responses. That it is so important to never use any software to “auto comment” because Google will penalize your site for it.

Friends and family generally have a lot to say about things we sometimes did not ask their opinion on so let them post their opinions on your blog.

Whether you agree with their comments on your website or not all you want is the content.

How To Get Comments For Your Blog The Easy Way

Comment Yourself On Other Similar Blogs.

Seasoned bloggers understand the power of reciprocation. In fact, if more internet marketers reciprocated more they would find themselves in a better place in their business.

Before you go commenting on any random blog first do a Google search placing quotation marks around your search term. This will give you only exact results for what you are looking for and not what Google this you should be looking at.

From here search for blogs and then comment and leave your link back to your site. Remember these are page-one ranked sites, they will only accept quality comments with good insight so make sure your comment counts.

Getting your comment approved on a page one site is golden as it will also be a backlink for your site and another notch under your belt to better rankings for your site.

Most people do is this to get comments and it is very effective. The thing is that it is very time consuming and can be days, weeks and even months before the owners and moderators of the sites you leave comments on even look at your comment let alone approve it.

Since this seems to be the only alternative to gain high PR comments people still do it because they do not know what else they can do that is quicker, effective, and will not harm their rankings in the search engines.

How To Get Comments For Your Blog The Easy Way

My Secret Sauce

What I am about to share with you is perhaps the most powerful way to boost your website rankings after SEO. This is not software or some virtual assistant in Cambodia with hundreds of fake profiles.

This here is what happens when fellow bloggers get together under one platform to reciprocate comments to one another. The way it works is I first leave a comment for someone who has requested it.

The people requesting comments have blogs from all walks of life. You may be commenting on an iguana site one moment and the next one be about women’s shoes.

Best of all there is a record for you to come back and click on the blog posts you commented on so you can comment on another post of theirs so you can then initiate a reciprocal commenting relationship!

How To Get Comments For Your Blog The Easy Way


The blog comments are moderated and no one can leave you a vulgar, irrelevant, one-liner comment. Though the commenters are real because you can interact with them elsewhere on the platform, the legitimacy of the comment is verified by AI.

Also when someone comments on your website you are allowed to approve it or not before it shows. Just like when someone does directly onto your blog. This you can do for all of your websites. This is just one of the many powerful tools I want to share with you.

If all you need is quality commenting then this is it. You will not find a better blog commenting method anywhere on the internet.

If you have any questions about anything I mentioned here feel free to comment below.

JR Estrada is a bilingual freelance writer and experienced affiliate marketer. He enjoys sharing tips & tricks that will help you reach your business goals sooner than later.

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    I really enjoyed your post it was easy to read and follow. The content was well thought about and reinforced some of what I already knew. Your advice is easy to understand and not full of too much technical jargon that some others use when writing similar posts.

    The only distraction for me is the Social Media icons on the left of the post, since the float as you scroll down, they cover enough of the text to make it a bit awkward to read clearly.


    • Thanks, Kevin for such a thoughtful comment. I appreciate you for that! I try my best to make my content east to read so anyone can understand.

      Also depending on whether it’s desktop or mobile which I am sure you are aware, will depend on how the social media icons interact on the screen.

      I will definitely take a look to see how I can fix that so it isn’t a distraction for future readers. Thanks again and make it a great day!


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