How To Make Money Blogging At Home 2023

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So you’re interested in learning how to make money at home blogging? What made you come to that decision? Whatever brought you to this commitment I applaud you for it.

Blogging is not for everyone since it involves patience to see results, whatever that means to you whether it’s monetary or engagement.

In this article not only will I cover some core principles about how to make money at home blogging but how to actually do it correctly whether you know what to write about or not.


Choosing What To Blog About

The beautiful thing about blogging is you can write about anything you want to. That is what drew me in. Not having to ask permission, be afraid of what people will say, show your face or not, you call the shots on what you want to write about.

Grant it if you want to know how to make money blogging at home there are some guidelines Google and the internet Po Po want you to follow so your site actually gets seen but if you want to blog as a hobby or just to get things off of your chest you can do that too.

Write about what motivates you the most, your favorite pet, the last vacation you took, Tesla, Kayaks, business, fishing, or even your emotions and feelings about a subject.

Do keep your blog focused on one general theme if you want to eventually be found on the search engines though.

If today you write about how sweet watermelons are and tomorrow about how much radiation the sun emits from the sun then Google will get confused about what your blog is about.

Deciding if your blog will be for business or personal should be your first choice. If you have never blogged before I would suggest creating a personal blog first.

What a lot of people do is a post on their social media a small excerpt and then ask followers to read more on their blog.

This gives you more room to express yourself and make any key points that in a short social media post you could not.

One is because on social media most people do not read past the second or third line and that is if they read at all and only look at the image.

If you want to blog for income then choose a topic or “niche” that interests you or that you already know a lot about and become an affiliate for a company that sells products or services that are related to your niche.

For example, if you like Maserati and know everything there is to know about them. Who invented it, when it was first manufactured, who was the designer, and so on, then write about that then become an affiliate for a company that sells Maserati parts.

Affiliate networks will then pay you when your reader clicks on one of your banners or links that they give you to place on your blog. This in essence is how affiliate marketing works.

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Blending Your Images With Your Content

Choosing the right images for your contact goes a long way. As I am sure you are aware a lot of people are visual also or sometimes mostly if not all visual.

Images are a powerful way to get your point across when it goes in sync with what you are writing about. Let’s say your blog focuses on exotic flowers.

When you get to a point in your post where you are emphasizing its aroma you want to have an image in its vicinity that backs up what you are writing about and not some random or silly picture like Mr. Hair on fire lol.

Sharing A Solution To A Problem

The more you share that helps the world the better your content will be.

Good content is compiled on how unique your content is that you wrote or outsourced that is authored only by you.

Someone else may have a variation of what you have to say but they cannot say what you have to say in the words and expressions only you can do.

Your audience is yours and as long as you are giving them what they want to read they will come back to it.

Part of that is providing an endpoint to a puzzle or problem in their lives or something they own.

I can’t count many times I have found the answer to something by reading it online and not some YouTube video.

There is a saying that content is king and engagement is queen. Keep this in mind your blog posts will always have readers engaged and coming back to see what you are going to talk about next.

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When to Monetize And When Not To… As Much

Now, this is something that is up for debate. People tend to not like to feel like you are trying to sell them something and that is understandable but there are those who bring that frame of thinking with them online.

If they see too many banners (in their eyes) then you are being too spammy.

If your blog post is too short (in their eyes) then they will not take you seriously and click away.

If you have only a few posts, they assume you are a “new blogger” and just want money so they click away and on and on…

There are web standards to follow as I mentioned earlier in this post but not all blog posts are created equal.

So maybe on your least creative blog post, you wrote less than 500 words and you just wanted to get something off your chest. No big deal. It’s unique content.

Depending on how old your blog is or what you are blogging about will depend on when to monetize and how much monetization to add to it.

Once you see some traffic coming to your page then it is ready to be monetized and then only correctly.

If you load your website with banners and links too early in life of your website the search engines will drop it in the rankings or possibly delist it due to spam.

Search engine spiders have been perfected to find what is spammy and what is genuine content. Once you have established some “authority” with the search engines meaning search traffic, then you can monetize it more and more.

Meanwhile, just keep posting creating quality information that helps people and keep doing it over and over preferably across your own personal network of websites interlinking them all to each other.

The Final Analysis

Just write, write and write some more. If you are just getting started do not get overwhelmed with learning how to create a website, what color it should be, how to show the layout go, or what to name it.

Blogging is not as complicated as so many people make it out to be.

You can hold out your hand and count how many things you have to be sure your blog has in order for it to be successful.

If you are interested in learning fast how to blog the right way I want to invite you to our free community where we will share with you an outline you can follow so every one of our blog posts is rock star status and you’re not left wondering if you did it right.

If you have any questions about any written here feel free to comment below and I will happily answer to the best of my ability.

JR Estrada is a bilingual freelance writer and experienced affiliate marketer. He enjoys sharing tips & tricks that will help you reach your business goals sooner than later.

6 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging At Home 2023”

  1. I especially like this article because I am a new blogger.

    For me, it is a confidence rollercoaster.

    It boosts it because it says I can write about whatever.

    Then it dashes it when it starts on about visuals, because I’m totally blind and I never learned how to insert and manipulate/edit images, and drag and drop isn’t accessible with screenreaders.

    But then it boosted it again, by saying that I don’t have to worry about a lot of that stuff yet.

    Over all, I like the tips, definitely a great guide for me, as to how to blog from the ground up.

    • Hello Jasmine thank you for commenting. I appreciate you and I hope I can help.

      Every blog should be unique and having images or not will not make or break your success as an affiliate marketer if that is your intention.

      You can focus your content to reach other blind people and just mention in your posts are website title that you are and visitors will most likely be even more interested in what you have to say.

      Don’t let anything get in the way of your internet goals. If you like to blog then blog away!

  2. Thanks for your overview of how to make money blogging! I’ve only just recently started my own website and writing content so it’s great to have a variety of viewpoints and new information about how to get going. 

    Out of interest, what time frame were you looking at before you began to monetize your site and how long again did this take you to have a relatively successful amount of traffic, and hence, business coming to your site? 

    I’ve enjoyed reading in your article that you need to keep your writing and content simple. Following basic principles to create quality content. That is how i’m approaching my business. I found your article reassuring and interesting. Thank you

    • Right on buddy I appreciate your feedback and I will use it to make my business better not just for me but also for people like you also.

      As long and you make sure your keywords are in the first two or three paragraphs in a natural manner and spaced apart within three or for sentences your site will be found in the searches.

      After that just right your heart out. Just make sure you are meeting a need in the marketplace with your content then point them to where they can access even more content like you just shared.

      Once your site is getting some traffic whether social or search, you are ready for monetization.


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