How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs 2023

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Recently while taking a break from my computer I got a text message from a good buddy of mine who wanted to learn how to make money with affiliate programs. At first I was kind of surprised because all he posts on Facebook is memes and pictures of trucks.

I decided to give him a call to feel him out and see if he was serious about learning how to make money with affiliate programs. Turns out after hurricane Ian my poor friend had come under some financial duress so I decided to put together several options for him which I also want to share with you here today.

Do You Really Know What Being an Affiliate Marketer is?

Now this may sound a bit elementary and you may be saying ‘of course I do” but just like any other position or title we give our we should know what it all entails so we can perform properly. Most people give themselves a title but what they do is totally contrary to it. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly.

The people who live up to their titles or occupations the best are the ones who make the most money and are regarded as the experts in their fields. Why? Because they know what is expected of them and the value they give out into the community and marketplace is excellent.

Do You Have the Proper Tools and Support in Place?

Many embark in this industry without knowing how to make money with affiliate programs the right way. They get drawn in with the fancy sales pages and compelling videos only later to find out that these programs are not reliable and quite frankly created by unethical owners only to make a quick buck from vulnerable people.

Having the proper tools and knowing you do is perhaps the most important step before you start promoting a program of any caliber. Where will you get your leads? How will you contact them? How will you train them? If you are unable to do these things on your own then you want to be sure the tools and resources you are getting are readily available preferably all on one platform so your business is easily duplicatable for everyone to do.

Are You Serious About Sticking to it?

How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Years ago in the early days of the internet you would see many scammers promising rags to riches affiliate programs that only made them rich off of you and never helped the person doing the investment. This unfortunately made a bad name for the industry and many have turned their back on affiliate marketing for the rest of their lives. Stuck in the rat race until the Big Guy in sky calls them home.

Shiny object syndrome is another epidemic that happens when we are not able or willing to stick to the training we have been given. But that does not have to be you. If you have been reading this far then you are serious about your affiliate marketing business and have the determination to succeed. Most people are looking for a quick fix to their financial situations when that is simply not possible. You cannot buy off Amazon a free ticket to wealth.

I Don’t Know If I Have What it Takes.

You already have the drive. If you did not you would not be here right now and would have clicked off into the internet abyss hoping some catchy headline would convince you that that would what you needed to make it in affiliate marketing. Instead what you need is a solid circle of online friends who already have achieved what you want to achieve and are ready and willing to take you by the hand step by step towards your financial success.

Believe it or not there still are a lot of good people in this world who thrive off of helping other succeed. They know where you are and know how to get your where you want to be. As long as you are ready and willing to make the commitment there are a few affiliate programs out there that have all you need to be successful behind one simple login.

Article marketing still continues to be the most powerful and definite way to success online especially if you do not like to make videos. Don’t worry if you do not know how to write. This can be outsourced or you can do it yourself by following the “mirror effect” where you rewrite in your own words the content using your own keywords.

When you articles is indexed my Google people with read your article and then if triggered will click on your links and banners from which take them to your affiliate offers or programs. The best part is that you write a keyword rich article once and it stays on the internet forever.

Don’t be intimidated by doing keyword research. It is actually easier nowadays than it used to be. Google once it sees your keywords the first few paragraphs (along with a few other important key components) written in a natural manner will reward you with page one status. The key is unique content and not copy and pasted content.

What Are My Next Steps?

How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs1 1

Just get started and don’t look back! Ignore the naysayers, dirty looks, Debbie Downers. Get involved in an active community like Wealthy Affiliate where you will have all the training and support you need from other super affiliates are already walking the walk living the life you want making the money you want to make.

It does not have to take years in fact in only a few months you can see results. Once you start to see results its easier to scale from that point and reach higher income goals in shorter periods of time because you will have the income to do so. True affiliate marketing involves writing articles and not just buying traffic that does not know you. Relationship marketing is key. Remember content is king and relationship marketing is queen.

If you have any questions at all about anything written in this article feel free to comment below.

JR Estrada is a bilingual freelance writer and experienced affiliate marketer. He enjoys sharing tips & tricks that will help you reach your business goals sooner than later.

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  1. How to make money as an affiliate marketer does involve a great deal of writing but you also may have other offers come your way if you are good at writing articles. There are some companies out there that see your potential and may offer you a position with them. At times, this may mean working from home, creating articles for them and you can still write articles for your website as well.


    • Absolutely my friend! You hit it right on the nail True affiliate marketing involves creating websites and writing blog posts that share good value and content to the reader.

      Seems the term “affiliate marketer” has been diluted to just promoting regurgitated information or products and not really offering something that will help peoples lives.


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