Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review – Inside Information

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(The top 5 programs are updated as better legitimate opportunities become available.)

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read my Pluginprofitsite review. I hope to be able to answer all of your questions or at least the most important ones, so you can then make an educated decision on whether Pluginprofitsite is for you.

Affiliate marketing can be exciting if we have the proper information and the proper tools in place. When we do and also have the determination to act we can be very successful.

I appreciate your time so I have made sure to answer all of the pertinent questions we all ask or should ask before we make the plunge into any business.

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Before we begin allow me to add that Pluginprofitsite is the longest-standing affiliate marketing system in internet history. I personally first saw it online back in 2003 but since the late nineties, it has been online.

That alone speaks for itself volumes as since then so many programs have come and gone for various reasons. An affiliate program of this type is not like an Amazon affiliate program where you are selling tangible products.

Digital products are a different thing altogether with a lot more rules and guidelines that program owners abide by. With that said.

Let us begin, shall we?

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

What Is Pluginprofitsite?

Pluginprofitsite is a multi-layered profit-pulling affiliate program. Pluginprofitsite is what the marketing system is named but not exactly what you make your money from.

The program allows individuals to earn commissions by promoting the products and services of Pluginprofitsite, an internet marketing company that provides tools and resources to help people start and grow their online businesses.

Through the affiliate program, you can earn commissions by referring customers to Pluginprofitsite and earning a percentage of the revenue generated from those referrals.

The program is designed to provide affiliates with the tools and resources they need to effectively promote Pluginprofitsite and earn commissions, including access to marketing materials, training resources, and support from the Pluginprofitsite team.

You get commissions for bringing people into the system itself but the strategy is to promote FIVE PROGRAMS in one affiliate link. Every other affiliate program under the sun only promotes its own internal products and services.

The problem with that is that if they get shut down or you do not turn a profit you trash all the marketing effort you put into promoting that program.

Not so with Pluginprofitsite. This is only the marketing system, if one program goes under, simply another program takes it place because it has momentum.

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

Or if there is a program that is new and popular, Stone Evans, the program owner will remove the least profitable program from the list and add the new one.

Meanwhile, you still are collecting your commissions whether they show in Pluginprofitsite or not. Also everywhere you advertised your link will also have the updated affiliate links.

No need to start all over again, just keep doing what the training says and/or what some of the affiliate programs of your choice say to do.

This system is tailored for the person that does not want to make videos, isn’t a social media fan, or just simply wants to build a business solely with the click of their mouse and using their keyboard.

Email and article marketing are the focuses here therefore “Attraction Marketing” needs not to apply posting silly memes and quotes on social media to try to get a following.

Here you are taught where to find the audience you are looking for instead of blindly posting YouTube videos and social media posts.

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

What Do I Get With Pluginprofitsite?

There is a long list of tools you get but the most important one is the free seven-page blog. This website comes embedded with all of your affiliate links.

Whenever someone clicks on any of the banners or links on the articles and buys you get a commission. The strategy is to promote your blog so you are looked at as a leader.

The training then shows you how to blog yourself or automate it. The blogging automation is intended to act as a guide for you.

Articles are written and posted for you but I personally go back in and make sure they are fit for the search engines which can do also or learn via one of the programs within.

As people see your blog posts that build a trust factor which then motivates people to click and join.

Stone Evans also with your free website setup will create a one-year email follow-up series for free so all of your leads get emails on autopilot from you.

This alone is gold because every email is not a three-liner but helpful tips for anyone in the home business industry. People appreciate emails that are not spam and that they can use for other programs they may be involved with.

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

Do I Get Free Affiliate Marketing Training?

Free is an understatement. Insanely free is more like it. Stone Evans, the developer, and owner of Pluginprofitsite has created a “30 Days To Success” step-by-step training that when done properly will put you in a position to profit.

This is not a get-rich-quick program. If you are looking for freebies all the way to the money this is not for you. But if you are patient and can follow instructions the money will come.

How Do I Make Money With Pluginprofitsite?

At any given time you will have FIVE affiliate programs working for you to generate an income. Any one of these five can be promoted individually on their own outside of PIPS.

You DO NOT have to buy in to all the programs in order to get the free website. All if you already have a domain you can transfer it or purchase a new one at signup.

In fact, most of the people in these programs are and may not know about PIPS and about the free website they can have to help them with their business.

Each of the five programs has its own method to make money but it is recommended to only promote the PIPS affiliate link so your odds of gaining a sign-up are higher.  One out of five is better odds than one out of one.

Profit is generated from subscriptions to PIPS services and others from the various affiliate programs. Many times people may join one or two programs which is the norm all by doing just one marketing effort.

Also one of the programs within PIPS will teach you how to further create more websites around any niche you want also embedded with more of your affiliate links from numerous other networks

Depending on what affiliate programs are currently tied into the Pluginprofitsite system you will have additional methods to make money.

This is truly a multiple income stream cash cow if you are ready to take the time to do the training and implement it.  Right now with just one income stream called “Wealthy Affiliate” many people are doing very well.

The system is designed to generate you masses amount of traffic to your PIPS affiliate link first which also at the same time drives traffic to another five income and traffic streams.

You can pick one of two focuses or both, to get signups or to get signups and constantly be creating new websites, therefore, making you more and more income with time.

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

Do I Need Experience?

The way this system is set up is so that newbies and experienced affiliate marketers alike can pick it up and run with it. See one of my other articles that explains what an affiliate marketer is and what it isn’t.

A true affiliate marketer first shares value via email. articles or videos before making a call to action. Spamming people about how great your new business is and how you found a way to make $300 a day will only attract freebie seekers and those who are looking for a quick buck.

The technical learning curve is virtually eliminated here because it is mostly set up for you so all you do is continue the process via traffic generation.

No need to build a website if you do not want to, though you can which I highly recommend. Actually, all super affiliates have dozens of websites all drawing income.

Is Pluginprofitsite Hard To Setup?

Perhaps the hardest part for most people is taking action. If you are still in the mindset that everything is a scam to you then maybe this is not for you.

But if you are tired of the scams and what something legitimate that in time will make you a life-changing income then this is for you.

The only setup on your part is sending the help desk your affiliate IDs and logins so your marketing system can be set up.

There are also dozens of free and paid traffic methods that require memberships, again free or paid, that will require setting up on your part.

Once you have all of your traffic sources set up all you need do is blog regularly on your own or have the auto-blogger do it for you.

How Long Has Pluginprofitsite Been Around?

Now I am going to be very transparent here. I do not know how long Pluginprofitsite has been around, I can only say since when I have seen it around.

I first bumped into this program back in 2003 and the system itself has been untouched other than the programs being updated and training being added.

Marketing online pretty much has not changed. You give value for money, That is all.

One mistake I imagine a lot of people make is in judging the appearance of the back office and the method the training is rolled out.

Value on the web is expressed in content and not how pretty and jazzy the design of a website is. I have learned, more powerful tips on black-and-white websites than I ever learned on regurgitated flashy sites.

Read, read, read, then do, do and do some more.

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

How Does Pluginprofitsite Choose Its Programs?

One thing I have noticed over the years is that the programs promoted within this system all complement each other.

Generally, there are one or two main programs and the other three are meant to bring in traffic but do pay commissions also.

With that said if and when a program is deemed no longer as effective as it once was, its replacement would depend on what place in the system that particular affiliate program held.

Its replacement would then be vetted ethically, monetarily and for ease of implementation along with the longevity, it has had. After several have passed these rigorous tests then one would be chosen and added to the PIPS affiliate system.

You would have to do nothing but keep doing what you’re doing and/or join the new program.

Do I Need A Lot Of Money To Start?

Pluginprofitsite delivers on the promise of a free money making website. The website is free and set up for you but you do have to buy your own domain name or “dotcom”.

I read so many reviews of people bashing this program saying its “not really free” because you have to buy the domain.

Well, neither are 40% discounts on Black Friday really discounts because we end up spending more money anyways!

You can’t make your money back from what you spend on Black Friday but YOU WILL make your money back when you invest in your business!

Why Should I Join Pluginprofitsite And Not Another Program?

Because it works and it is not going anywhere. Not just that but the programs within PIPS have all been vetted to be the best affiliate programs online right now to make you money.

You get training from a super affiliate Stone Evans on what is really working to drive traffic and make sales. Things you will not see anywhere else.

Also, you are pointed to where you can get further access to super affiliate training.

The crowd is usually headed in the wrong direction. It is the small few who always make 90% of the income. Pluginprofitsite is just that!

Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review - Inside Information

How Do I Get Paid My Commissions?

Now we get to the best part, the MONEY! As you may be well aware by now Stone will you up to make AT LEAST five checks a month PLUS your affiliate commissions for bringing people into Pluginprofitsite!

Depending on when you read this article will depend on the programs currently added to the system. With that said at this, the program’s payout is via paper check or Paypal.

You do not have to wait to meet a $5,000 threshold in order to get your money. Just adjust your payment settings in each program accordingly or simply send in a support ticket.

I have NEVER had a problem getting paid in full and I have been in this program since 2006.

Do I Have To Recruit People In Order To Make Money?

You do not, the system does the recruiting for you remember? When something is automated we are not the ones doing the recruiting, the process of automation is.

I personally like to write so I write articles like this to help my business but you do not have to, though I strongly recommend it. Also, there are ways to “mirror” other articles and rewrite them in your words!

If you are not a writer you can very easily believe it or not when you follow the training. You would be surprised. Most of us do a lot of talking and chatting on social media anyways, so why not chat and help others with an article that will help your business!

The Final Analysis…

The reality is that businesses have and are all going online. Pluginprofitsite will teach you the core fundamentals to be successful online and then other programs within like Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to take it to six figures.

Affiliate marketing is not just about getting people to join your business but also about compelling people to buy your products and services.

With Pluginprofitsite you will learn to understand what makes people buy and what makes people not. How to attract quality people into your business and how to build websites that bring in buying traffic.

Imagine if you had five, or ten. fifty or one hundred sites live online from a variety of industries like clothing, insurance, and banking all with your affiliate links.

All ranking on Google and all making you money. That is what Pluginprofitsite will prepare you for. So what are you waiting for?

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JR Estrada is a bilingual freelance writer and experienced affiliate marketer. He enjoys sharing tips & tricks that will help you reach your business goals sooner than later.

20 thoughts on “Pluginprofitsite Affiliate Program Review – Inside Information”

  1. I’ve never used Pluginprofitsite but I don’t think it’s a scam. However, like every affiliate business, you’ll have to put some work in. And you won’t have the dividends right away. But I find it intriguing that you must promote five things in one time. I don’t know if I would use it because I prefer simpler things. I’d rather have a website and start my affiliate business online!

    • Hello and thank your for your wonderful comments. I appreciate your feedback. 

      If you are looking for something simple than nothing can be more simpler than someone creating your website for you for free and then embedding your new site with links to five programs for you.

      Your wouldn’t be promoting five programs separately, you would be promoting five with one marketing effort.

  2. This is really interesting. I am really intrigued to check out this program. I’ve been dabbling in affiliate marketing for some time now but it’s true that some programs fall by the wayside and you may not even realize it. I like how streamlined this seems to be and provide diversification of affiliate programs. It sounds pretty ingenious and I will be looking further into it. Thank you for the thorough review!

    • Hello Sylvia and thank you for your contribution. I am so happy you see Pluginprofitsite as it truly is.

      Multiples streams of income is the way to go when it come to making money online. For most people just creating their first is a struggle let along five.

      This marketing program condenses the learning curve and all the tools needed into one.

  3. Hi, this article on Pluginprofitsite is a little bit confusing to me. I don’t get the difference between this program and just as usual start to blog,implement affiliate links for your niche, work on SEO and such and this program? What benefits would using this plugin have over just working on your blog? Is it some kind of AI doing things for you, and isn’t that bad SEO? Not sure about this sorry

    • Hello and thank you for your contribution. You lost me after the first line as your comment does not make comprehensible sense.

      The article is very clear as all of them are, and no robot is writing as you are implying for some unknown reason. Try and read again as the content has been unchanged and no AI is writing for me.

      I appreciate your concern but I know SEO as I was taught by the best years ago. This blog post is currently climbing the search engines quite fast actually. Good luck to you.

  4. Pluginprofitsite is a popular affiliate program, and this review does it justice. Incredibly, I just learned that Pluginprofitsite has been operating since 2003. Since the original creator is still responsible for the website’s operations, he must have amassed a wealth of knowledge. I was wondering if there was anything else you needed to get rolling. Besides having a solid foundation for business, they also provide the security of regular payments. A must-have..

    • Pluginprofitsite has lasted this long because it is legitimate and it works. Not only that, it abides by all laws therefore eliminating it as a scam. 

      Most scam affiliate programs do not last longer that two or three years as the owner is fined or is blacklisted from the internet.

      All you need to get started is the willingness to learn and implement what you learn.

  5. This is a great review on the Pluginprofitsite affiliate program! I was super surprised to hear that Pluginprofitsite has been around since 2003. The founder must have a ton of experience if he’s still running the platform to this day. I’m wondering if you need any other tools to get started with Pluginprofitsite? For example, any email marketing tools or funnel builders needed?

    • Hi Kevin nice to meet you. Pluginprofitsite is one of those rare legitimate affiliate marketing systems that have withstood the test of time.

      To answer your question, the funnels and email marketing is setup for you for free. Emails are sent out using Aweber with a follow-up series that goes for one year.

      Everything branded with your website which is setup for you along with the five income streams. WA being one of them.

  6. I did not see a cost to this product, Is it expensive? I have used sites like this before and they are very useful in trracking multiple platforms. The ease of use makes this a good product for all us affiliates out there. They have a great business model and offer the added protection of continuing payments. Definitely worth checking out.

    • Hi Chuck thanks for commenting I appreciate you. Pluginprofitsite is a marketing system and it is free. Your only minimum cost is for your domain if you do not have one. All of the five programs can be promoted together as a free member of each program or paid.

      Personally I would recommend upgrading in LeadsLeap and Wealthy affiliate after you go through the 30 day Pluginprofitsite training.

  7. Thank you for the in-depth review of the Plug-In Profit Site. This training program might be a good program to learn affiliate marketing. Learning what makes people buy is important as is how to attract people to the Plug-In Profit Site program. The most important would be learning how to build websites that bring in buying traffic.

  8. Hey there,

    So this is an article that gave me some inspiration! 

    There are so many affiliate possibilities, I never would have thought of 5 on one website. I just couldn’t fathom how this system actually worked until I read your post. 

    I may have to check this out even further, thank you!

  9. This is the first time that I have heard of this system, but from what you have said it seems like this system has so much to offer, and from being around for a while tells me that this system is a winner along with how everything is set up. Thanks so much for doing the homework for us on this system.

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment! This system you will not see this anywhere except on article posts or emails.

      As I mentioned in the article it is tailored to those who want to build a business the old-fashioned way online before video and Instagram.

      Email and article marketing does and will always bring in more quality people than those who watch only videos all day. Its a scientific fact.

  10. Hey thanks for taking your time to create this in depth piece of information, much appreciated!

    Pluginprofitsite seems like a great way to earn profit, quite efficient especially since you can work with 5 affiliate sites and promote them at once!

    It’s something which I have been on the look out for so definitely worth a check!

    Have a great day!

    • Thank you so much for your honest feedback. It is much appreciated. If you sign up for my newsletter you will get more information.

      Don’t worry no spam or silly stuff will get emailed to you just helpful information for any affiliate business. Have a nice day!

  11. The Plugin Profit Site, I have a different opinion about this program. I paid for each program offered in this funnel system and followed all training. I have even used the blog feature to make my own blog posts with no success for over 4 years now! The only new program is list infinity, and the auto blogging is not a good way to get rankings on Google as its repeated content already used by other bloggers that harm my blog. The only way you can get your referral ids is through Stone Evans. I checked my links and my links was not my referral ids they were in fact back to him, so I am sorry to say I do not trust Stone Evans. 

    • Hello and thank you for your honesty. My question to you is if this really happened why did you last four years?

      Did you update your affiliate links with support? PIPS is the marketing system only. If you joined all the programs but didn’t send in your links to be updated then yes they would all go to Stone or whoever.

      In this article I actually provided a screenshot of where you do because you are not the first person to mention that.

      Also the autoblog service is only meant to act as a template that we go in and modify for the search engines accordingly. Its for people who have trouble writing from scratch on their own.

      Seems to me you never setup your account correctly.


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