The How And What Of Blogging – Secrets Revealed

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If you have been searching on the internet for the how and what of blogging, by the end of this article you will know exactly how to decide what to write on a blog.

No longer will you be spinning your wheels wondering what to write or if the content you decided on is worth anything but you will know how to research what to blog about which is most important of all.

In this article, I will cover practical but powerful methods you can start implementing today. Not only will you have an endless supply of ideas to write about but you also will know how to acquire the traffic from the search engines you need so your content gets in front of the masses.

But before we get into the methods and techniques of how to decide what to write on a blog let’s cover the fundamentals. This way we make sure we have a clear foundation on how to blog productively if that is your intention.

Shall we begin?

Decide What To Blog About And Stick With It

I am going to assume that your reason to blog is to get your content in front as many people as possible. So I am going to continue with that idea in mind.

There are people who just blog as a hobby or pastime but if that was you, you wouldn’t be searching for a way to create your content correctly or even desiring it so.

You would just be posting with no clear strategy therefore also with no surefire goal to reach other than to get something off of your chest or share something you love or enjoy without caring about the schematics.

With that said if you desire to be a professional blogger that you can profit from you need to know the good and bad of blogging.

When I mention bad I do not mean that blogging is bad but that to me at least I feel it is and that is that blogging takes time to see monetary results but if done right, you will reap high rewards

This brings me to my point. You must pick a topic or “niche” you enjoy and stick to writing similar content on your website until you build it out to at least 20-50 blog posts.

Writing about random topics especially when your website is new will only hinder your chances of being indexed at all. If you do get your posts indexed they will never rank high for anything.

Blogging is a skill. Yes, you write about what interests you but it must be done in a manner that not only caters to the reader but also to the search engines.

The How And What Of Blogging - Secrets Revealed

How To Write In A Systematic Manner

Like anything we endeavor in life and that we wish to accomplish it is important to have a plan. Without a plan, we will either fail or find ourselves being unproductive without time and

Too many times I come across blogs where every post is a review of something different and has no relation to the topic of the previous post.

Doing reviews is great but every review on your website must be intertwined. For example, if my blog is about Pitbulls, one post can be about how to breed them, another about their diet, another about their origins, and so on.

That is why it is so important to always be right about what interests you or is about to get into researching more so this way you have ideas that come to you naturally.

The best way is to have a blog post template to follow for every blog post. This will eliminate about 90% of the thinking power you need to write effective content that your readers will enjoy and be coming back for more.

Know What To Blog About Before You Begin

Now we start to get into some of the meat and potatoes. This is where most people get stuck at who are desiring to get into blogging.

One way get ideas of what to blog about is to do a simple Google search, though this method is somewhat broad. But it will give us an idea of what people are currently searching for.

For example, looking at the image below when I type in Pitbulls in the search bar a series of keywords also pop up underneath before I actually do the search.

These keywords are what people are typing in Google right now in relation to the search term I put in the search bar. Google just gave me nine more ideas to blog about that quickly!

The How And What Of Blogging - Secrets Revealed

But this is just the first step. This is just to get an idea of what to write about. For me at least when I do this I am good to go as far as what I am going to blog about.

The next step which is the most important is for you to learn how to appropriate the proper keywords in your posts so that when people type them in Google your blog post shows up.

How To Choose Your Keywords Properly

Now what we just did was an exercise to see what people are searching for like within the last 24-48 hours which helps us find the “what”. What we really want to know is how many people are searching for it every month.

Could be that this is only a two or three-day trend due to some news report about a pitbull and therefore people caught a temporary interest in the subject.

We do not want to target temporary interests instead we want to target keywords that people search every month day in and day out regardless.

Now we will get into the “how” so you can ensure every blog post you do from now on is SEO optimized for all the search engines.

To do that we have to choose the proper keywords to use throughout the content. Let’s go ahead and use the keyword we brought up “pitbull puppies”.

What you want to do now is type pitbull puppies into a keyword tool that is going to tell you everything you want to know about that phrase.

Most keyword tools work the same. They will tell you the average monthly search volume, the number of traffic you can potentially get by having this keyword optimized in your post, and also how many other websites have posts with the keyword.

If your site is less than six months old I recommend using lower search volume keywords but also with less competition.

This is just an example but doing this three or four times before you start to blog with generate for you a list of keywords you know people are searching for so then you can implement them into your content.

Generally, you want to have your main keyword in the title and also the first few paragraphs of your content, then relevant keywords throughout the rest of your blog content.

This will ensure the search engine spiders are sure bout what your content is about therefore rewarding you with first-page rankings.

The How And What Of Blogging - Secrets Revealed

This here is a million-dollar skill yet so many people do not have the patience to do it. Keyword research is the backbone of all serious bloggers who are making money from it.

Skipping this step is marketing suicide yet because either because doesn’t think it’s important, don’t know how to, or do it incorrectly, their sites never get the traction they want.

Therefore their site gets lost in rankings or never even gets indexed so they can be found on the search engines.

How To Know You Have The Proper Tools

Whether you are new to blogging or have been doing it for years both should use the same type of software and tools in order to be able to make an expert analysis of what content you want to blog about and how.

Because of the advance of artificial intelligence, you no longer have to have a Rolodex of subscriptions to key tools so you can ensure you collect all the necessary data to write keyword-rich content.

Finding ideas, adding those ideas to a keyword tool, picking the main keyword then choosing relevant keywords to go along with your content is all you need to do. But doing this with tools that give you data you can trust.

Now there are other aspects to SEO(search engine optimization) that will further make your content likely to climb the search engines but if you do not have this fundamental strategy in place nothing else you do will matter.

In fact, in many instances, if your keywords have little to no competition just with that alone your blog post will rank high without anything else.

With that said, it would be another undertaking to go out and try to find the tools you need and then learn how to use them on every particular site the tool is located on.

Allow me to invite you to a one-stop shop for everything blogging. Website site creation, free WordPress themes, plugins, keyword tools, and more…the best part is you can get started for free.

Feel free to comment below with any questions.

JR Estrada is a bilingual freelance writer and experienced affiliate marketer. He enjoys sharing tips & tricks that will help you reach your business goals sooner than later.

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  1. I perfectly agree with you that blogging takes time to see the result. Especially with the recent competition in the internet marketing business, it will take time and effort to see results. But many folks fail because they do not stick to a niche. They write about random topics, as you rightly pointed out. While some think it is an easy way to be seen, others keep trying to find topics they will be comfortable with. But this is a very big mistake.

    • Absolutely my friend. It all comes in steps and when done correctly the sky is the limit. 

      Unfortunately nowadays not everyone is coachable and is easily offended even when trying to show them about business.


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